Department of Emergency Medicine
Pesticide Health Education

1997 LA County methyl bromide poisoning
LA County poisoning associated with unsuspected cross-connection between 2 buildings -

2005 North Salinas chloropicrin incident
2010 J Agromedicine article describing 2005 incident in North Salinas, including case mapping and mapping of air pollution plume.

Acute pesticide illnesses Monterey County
Online presentation based on June 22, 2010 presentation at the Monterey International Studies Institute

California Organophosphate Illnesses 1982-1990
The study population consisted of 396 cases of illness related to cholinesterase (ChE) inhibition among California agricultural workers and 758 comparison subjects derived from PISP. For application associated ChE-illnesses exposures to mevinphos (OR=6.2) and multiple ChE-inhibitors (OR=2.9) were significant in the multivariate analysis. This study also source of data on comparative risk of pesticide handling compared to field labor and other agricultural work.

Childhood poisoning with aldicarb
Sudden onset in a previously healthy child of excessive salivation, diarrhea, bronchoconstriction, miosis, altered sensorium, muscle fasciculations, and muscular incoordination. Child exposed to aldicarb granules from a tractor parked in front of the farm dwelling where her family live

Chloropicrin Illnesses California 1992-2003
Reviews in Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 2009 summarizing California illness experience between 1992 and 2003, as well as environmental and toxicology data on chloropicrin.

Cholinesterase inhibitor animation
Simple animation for cholinesterase inhibition in SWF format.

Contact urticaria from chlorothalonil in a nursery worker
Case report of contact urticaria related to chlorothalonil in a nursery worker, published in the dermatology journal Cutis, in 1993 Pub Med citation: Contact urticaria and anaphylaxis to the fungicide chlorothalonil. Dannaker CJ, Maibach HI, O'Malley M. Cutis. 1993 Nov;52(5):312-5

Demo version mexicali course intro
Demo version – PDF file prepared from Adobe acrobat

Draft version online course – adobe activate PDF – based upon Monterey county illness presentation done June, 2010 Monterey
Draft version of online presentation

Earlimart 1999 incident
2004 American J Industrial Medicine article describing November 1999 metam-sodium incident in the San Joaquin Valley community of Earlimart, as well as toxicology information on metam-sodium

EHP 2007 Chamacos report
Generally, pregnancy DAP levels were negatively associated with MDI, but child measures were positively associated. At 24 months of age, these associations reached statistical significance [per 10-fold increase in prenatal DAPs: β = –3.5 points; 95% confidence interval (CI), –6.6 to –0.5; child DAPs: β = 2.4 points; 95% CI, 0.5 to 4.2]. Neither prenatal nor child DAPs were associated with PDI or CBCL attention problems, but both prenatal and postnatal DAPs were associated with risk of pervasive developmental disorder [per 10-fold increase in prenatal DAPs: odds ratio (OR) = 2.3, p = 0.05; child DAPs OR = 1.7, p = 0.04]. MDA and TCPy were not associated with any outcome.

Flipchart presentation for fieldworkers- dual English/Spanish format

Farmer field schools in India
Francesca Mancini publication 2009 IJOEH

First trimester OP poisoning, secondary birth defects
Summary of residue poisoning episode; one affected worker was in first trimester of pregnancy and subsequently had a child with cardiac defects, bilateral optic nerve colobomas, microphthalmia of the left eye, cerebral and cerebellar atrophy, and facial anomalies

Follow-up study of OP poisoned workers
Neurobehavioral evaluation of OP poisoning cases identified from California illness registry

Fresno County Pesticide Illnesses, December 2009
Presentation regarding illnesses and reporting in Fresno County, December, 2009 Kaiser Permanente Medical Group staff

Section of presentation on herbicides, fungicides

Inhibidores de colinesterasa
Section of presentation on OPs, carbamates

Metam-sodium episode in Arvin, California
Illnesses related to application of metam-sodium adjacent a neighborhood on the northeastern edge of the Kern County community of Arvin

Mevinphos & phosphamidon residue poisoning
Illness and cholinesterase monitoring information from 1980 residue poisoning - involving workers banding cauliflower in an organophosphate treated field prior to expiration of the re-entry interval

Mexicali: reconocimiento y manejo ppt
Presentation made May 19 & 20, Tecate and Mexicali, Baja California.

Mexicali_Tecate Introduction
Introductory material for Mexicali-Tecate presentation

Monterey county 2008 use data
2008 Monterey county use data, indexed by active ingredient (see Acute illness presentation above):

Pesticide problems for emergency responders, September, 2009
Presentation from September, 2009 Hazmat Conference (“Continuing Challenge”), Radisson, Sacramento

Persistent pyrethroid dermatitis
Case report from Germany re: persistent skin rash after direct accidental exposure to pyrethrin & bioresmethrin

Post-exposure plasma ChE monitoring
Follow-up data from outbreaks of OP poisoning data, 1980’s, Monterey County, Natividad Medical Center Family Medicine Residency program

Pesticides in the field - pesticidas en el campo
Spanish language presentation prepared by Martha Sanchez about pesticides in the field

Pesticidas desde el campo al hogar
Spanish language discussion of transfer of pesticide residues from the workplace to the home environment, developed by Martha Sanchez, California Department of Pesticide Regulation

Pesticidas en el hogar
Spanish language discussion of pesticides in the home environment, developed by Martha Sanchez, California Department of Pesticide Regulation

Pyrethroid illness summary
Summary of pyrethroid illnesses in California 1996-2002, published in Reviews in Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 2006

Pyrethroids and biological insecticides - Spanish
Section of ppt presentation on pyrethroids and biological insecticides

Section of presentation on rodenticides and fumigants

Rural occupational medicine
Discussion of migrant health and workers comp problems likely to be seen in rural medicine practice, presented to UC Davis Rural Prime students, UC Davis Latino Medical Student Association, UC Davis undergraduate group, Chicanos in Health Education Skin effects of pesticides
Toxicology and human illness reports regarding effects of pesticides on the skin, Chapter 28 from 3rd edition of Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology, 2010

Training for Poison Center Staff
2009 Training designed to increase awareness of problems with emergency response to episodes involving community exposure to fumigants, presented in May and June 2009 to CPCS staff from San Diego, Fresno, Sacramento and SF

Urban pesticide poisoning
Presentation given to Los Angeles County Physicians for Social Responsibility January 30, 2010 regarding urban pesticide hazards with examples from illnesses reported in LA County and LA County pesticide use information

Brief Spanish language review of illness surveillance issues